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Welcome to 180˚ Health & Fitness...Personal Training & Body Transformation Coaching In Edinburgh and Online

We are 180 Health & Fitness,  Edinburgh's leading Weight Loss Personal Training & Body Transformation Team

We have helped many people Just like you to -

Lose Weight
Drop Inches from your Belly
one up your arms and shoulders
ose Lower Abdominal Fat
Build Muscle
Improve Posture
Reduce Muscle Pain
Get Fit
Feel Healthier

 We understand that you want to make a change to feel better about yourself and your Body. 

At 180 Health & Fitness, we care about you reaching your results and helping you understand how to change your habits and relationship to food and exercise so your results last for good. 

Dave Lost 47 lbs in 4 Months Training with us!


The Most Common Questions Asked About Personal Training!

"Am I Fit Enough?" 

All of our personal training programs are tailored to you. So no matter what your current fitness level is you are never given anything that isn't specific to you or anything that you will not be able to do. Your programs are monitored too so we can ensure progression. All programs are logged so you can see your progress too.

 "I Haven't Got Enough Time" 

Your workouts are tailored to your commitments. All of your workouts will be designed around your schedule and are tailored to fit in to your lifestyle to ensure you get the results you want. 

  "I Have Never Stuck At A Program" 

That is why people come to us. People come to us because they struggle to stick to workout plans and a diet. We are here to help and support you and ensure you stay on target. As a client of our studio you will get 24/7 support from one of our personal trainers and a 'Client Only' mobile number to get instant access to your personal trainer.


Check Out Some of Our Fantastic Transformations!

results bigger

"We want to help others believe they can do more than they can imagine, that they have greatness within them, to show you that you can lose weight, build muscle, run a marathon, Lift over 200kg, Become a bodybuilder, Believe it's possible" -Adam & Joe

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