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100% Useful Mindset trick

I was watching the Matrix last night and there was a scene where Neo (not the fish) was in the matrix having programs of martial arts skills being loaded into his brain like downloading a file on your pc.

And it got me thinking. What if you could do the same thing with nutrition and exercise?

And so I stayed up all night and came up with this machine to do exactly that!!

Unfortunately that was a bit of a lie!

But what I did realise is you can take the principles of a file loading at apply it to your targets an goals..

If you do this you will definitely give yourself a chance of implementing good habits by the end!

OK so here is the plan.

For every day you  eat right you  gain 1% completion

For every day you train you gain 1% Completion

Here is the catch

For every day you do not eat right or get a takeaway or alcohol etc you Lose all your Progress and go back to the beginning..and reload your program!

So if you are on it and you train 3 times a week it will take you 70 Days or 10 weeks  to complete your plan to 100%

Unless you falter...and I promise you, if you give it your all and get to 30%, you wont let 1 day ruin your progress and take you back to the start!

Forget about weight

Forget about the Scales

Just Focus on eating the right food and training ..

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