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4 Small Changes that Lead to BIG Weight Loss


Do you find when you try to lose weight you say things to yourself like...

"Right, sod it, i am not drinking alcohol or eating chocolate for 6 months...I am going to go to the gym 5 times a week and by the summer I am going to look awesome on the beach!"

The Problem is......most of us don't stick to it!

Its all too much of a huge change!

But we see people on these tv shows losing 10 pounds a week, shedding half their weight over 6 months and we think..."YEAH! I CAN DO THAT TOO!"

The difference is, these people are locked away from the world for months and are given a massive cash prize as a incentive...and if that is not enough, the world is watching them to fail or succeed! I would imagine, we would all lose weight on that formula!

But Real Life is very different...we all have jobs, or kids or relationships to deal with on a daily basis and there is no cash incentive!

So it is better to make little changes instead...ones you hardly notice...and in the end the will make big changes to your health, to your body, to your life!

This is exactly what the chap in the Picture did! His name is Dave and he sent me his transformation pics today and I was amazed on how all those little changes add up!

He  was kind enough to send us testimonial which I have added to the end of this blog if you care to read it!

So 4 little changes you can start this week to make big changes!

1. Track your food.

Any way you want! Some of our clients use a site we suggest called my fitness pal (www.myfitnesspal.com)

Some take snaps of their food on their phone

other write in their diary...

it doesn't matter, as ,long as you write it down! Now here is the important bit...dont change your food for the first week. just write it down..Measure yourself and weigh yourself...then after 1-2 weeks measure and weigh again. Then track the results.

If you have gone down on the tape and scales then the food you have recorded is working for you at the moment...If you are the same or have gone up , then look to make changes in the carb, protein and Fat levels  (tip number 3 will help you here!).

The more info you have on the food you are eating, the easier it is to work out what needs to be increased or decreased for results!

2. Don't Worry too much about  calories.

They are not the be all and end all of weight loss! Most of us don't eat enough the first thing we usually get our clients to do is eat more!

So as a rule, take your weight in k.g and x it by 22 for men for a rough calorie target...remember, its not about keeping under that, but hitting it..if you find there is no change then reduce by 10-20%


The three major food groups or Macros are Fats, Protein and Carbs. Most of us have a diet too high in Carbs and too low in fats and Protein. the easiest way to ensure you get in the right ball park of the right amounts is by following this simple rule.

Protein (Meat) should be the size of your open hand...so a chicken breast is a good example.

Fats (Avocado, cheese) Should be the size of a half a small apple...so half an avocado works!

Carbs (rice, Potato) Should be the size of a clenched fist or half a cup full

Vegetables....go for your life!

4. Get somebody to hold you accountable !

I have mentioned this a lot...but a big part of personal training for our clients, is having us to be accountable too...that little voice in your head saying 'oh bugger, I have to see Adam/Joe tomorrow so I best get on it!"

Find someone you can trust to be there for your first weight in and hold you to your goals for the next one!

Have a great day guys!

Oh and for those who like to read, here is Dave's Testimonial!


"Having trained with both Adam and Joe at 1-80 Training I can’t recommend them highly enough. After several years of inactivity and weight gain I decided it was time to think about improving my fitness and started training with 1-80. I’ve not only lost the weight I wanted to but also improved my health enough to pass a recruitment fitness test and been successful in gaining a new job. I achieved this using a combination of 1 to 1 personal training, workout plans and diet/nutritional advice"