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A Tale of Shakes



For most of us this means a fresh new start for the week, new focus, new plan of actions....new diet?

Someone will be on one!

I know this because even years after being dangerously overweight and understanding more of nutrition, I still find myself reading the latest diet fads and wondering how good can they really be! The difference now is I do not try them.

we all want results but when we live in a world of fast consumerism and instant gratification, it is hard not to want to see results fast.

So we can be forgiven for thinking the answer lies in products that sell shakes as meal replacements...I wont name companies but I bet you can think of a few.

I have a story to share. It is something that happened to someone close to me.

it may start out like a success story but really it is not.

We will call this person Jo for the sake of the story ( and it is quick to type and I hate typing!)

Jo decided to go on one of these shake replacement plans.

she spent over 300 pound getting all the gear and was ready to kick off on Monday.

In the first 2 weeks she lost 12 lbs

by week 4 she had  lost 19lbs

week 8 26 lbs

and by week 12 she lost 32lbs

she was ecstatic! she had come close to her target weight and could buy smaller sizes in jeans and tops.

But the Jo went on holiday for 2 weeks to Greece.

She had a great time and really enjoyed herself, she let her hair down and rewarded herself on her 3 months of effort with losing weight.

When she got back home she sound she had put on a few pounds....14 in 2 weeks!

She was a little upset about it but decided the best course of action is to jump back on her plan and do another 12 weeks again.

Only this she said it was harder, the motivation and will power she had first time round was not really there this time.

The first 2 weeks and lost 3 lbs

by week 3 she had lost 4 lbs

by week for she had lost 4 lbs still

by week 12 she was back at her original weight before starting the shake program

She did keep to the program in week 5,6,7,8,9,10,11, or 12


well its because these types of plans do not change your behaviour towards food, they just mask them and offer you a quick fix alternative...the only thing is ...it doesn't last...

It can't last because you do not want to live off shakes for the rest of your life.

the minute you back to real food the weight will come back....if that food is the same as what got you overweigh the in the first place.

You need to look deeper at the reasons for your weight gain and then come up with a structured and sustainable plan to achieve it

A plan built over a year....not 12 weeks!

with a exercise program added too you can then really start to change your lifestyle to that of the health and body you want..

And the crazy thing is, it will cost you about the same as what you would pay for these shake companies.....but last forever!

Have a great Day