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Are You Sure?

Are you sure?

I’ve lost count of the number of clients who’ve come to me sayingthey want to lose weight and tone up, only to have them change theirminds after a few weeks and move on to something else.  There’sabsolutely nothing wrong with that, but it started to make me wonderwhy so many people come with this initial goal and then change it. Without any formal research or evidence, I can only put it down topeople thinking they should want something, but when they get morecomfortable in a training environment they realise (or are confidentenough to vocalise) they actually really want something else.

There’s no long winded analogies or explanations for this blog –just a simple question you should ask yourself – ARE YOU SURE?  

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to conform to the norm,don’t feel you should fall in to a gender specific set of goals(e.g. thinking you shouldn’t want to get in to powerlifting or bodybuilding because you’re female or netball because you’re male).  The more you want your goal, the more you’ll strive towards it and be consistent in everything you do towards it, so don’t be ruled by media or popular conformity – do what YOU want to do.