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Do One Small Thing Now... Please!

I’m usually a sympathetic person, understanding that the vast majority of overweight people I work with are in that position as a consequence of something else and the weight is a symptom of something wider, not just a case of “slow metabolism, fast pie arm”.

I am just back from a trip down South (Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire) and I have to say that as a nation we really are starting to look a bit of a state.  So many people chucking junk food down their neck, many despite appearing to struggle when moving around (wheezing, awkward gait etc).  More saddening was seeing the next generation following the same route.  I just did a quick Google and according to Diabetes UK (stats from October 2016) nearly two thirds of people are overweight or obese.  Even scarier it seems more than a quarter of children are in the same boat.  Other health complications aside, obesity counts for 80-85% of the risk for type 2 diabetes.  No problem, just get meds right?  I’ve seen people lose sight to diabetes, the use of their legs.  This is serious!

As much as I have sympathy with people, we do also have to take responsibility for our own actions.  If you are chucking junk food down your neck morning noon and night, while you sit on your backside watching your kids play then you can really only blame the person you see in the mirror.  Even worse, if you ply those same children with this crap constantly you are messing them up too.  Eating an ice-cream and having some chips when out is fine, if it’s the exception not the rule.  Looking around, I was saddened to conclude that this was the rule in many cases.  Yes, marketing and the media don’t help, but for fuck sake wake up!  you’re killing yourselves, and not in a quick, hit by a truck at 200mph feeling nothing death, it’s a slow degeneration of life quality, constant pain and humiliation.  Make a change, just a small one, even if it’s some crap like juice plus, just please, please try.