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Don’t Try to Please Me

I’ve just started asking a new client to track their food for me. This concept is completely new to them so we’re starting off as simply as possible (photos of food sent over Whatsapp).  The only thing I’m asking is that she sends me everything she eats and drinks, at the moment we are just trying to build this habit.  When we spoke yesterday she was full of apologies for not eating a proper dinner the night before (just a packet of crisps and a hot chocolate), saying she will try harder going forward.  She was a little surprised when I told her not to, all I wanted her to do was track everything with 100% honesty and forget about thinking she has been good or bad – linking emotional state to food is not a good thing to do.

Ascoaches, in order to help someone with their nutrition we need to seewhere they reallyare – not what they do when they try to please us or eat what theythinkisright.  Sustaining change is about making one or two small steps at atime, apply them consistently before making any further changes.  Ifyou have already made a number of changes (without your coach beingaware), then we add a couple more, things can easily becomeoverwhelming leading to cravings and ultimately failure inprogressing towards your goals.

We aren’t drill sergeants, we aren’t here to judge you (at least any decent coach shouldn’t be) and we are definitely not looking for perfection.  So please, just be honest and stop trying to please us –this is about you not me!