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Everybody Lies

We all do it.  I’m not talking about major fraud or secret second life stuff, I’m talking about little things like finishing the milk or deleting a program from the TV box.  Thing is though, we also lie to ourselves – I’ll start tomorrow, one more won’t hurt, I’ll just finish this packet, I can’t do it yet.  The problem with these lies is that if we tell ourselves them often enough we start to believe them.  I’ll start tomorrow becomes next week, next year… one more becomes one everyday becomes two everyday… I’ll just finish this packet seems to lead to another one finding its way in to the shopping basket… I can’t do it yet simply becomes I can’t do it.

As you can see these little white lies (or omissions) start off as anindividual snowflake each (see what I did there – white:snowflake).  Then they start to lie on the slippery slope that is theroad to being healthy.  Each day we add more and more snowflakes andbefore we know it we’re sliding down the slope to poor healthpushed along by an avalanche of little things we’ve been tellingourselves won’t matter.

So how do we dig ourselves out again? Simply put by being honest with ourselves.  Acknowledging our weaknesses and cravings.  Taking temptation away, if it’s not within easy reach in the house we’re less likely to go hunting for it.  Finally, don’t try to change everything at once.  Deal with one issue at a time until you have built and embedded a positive habit, then move on to your next one. Soon you’ll have a whole outfit you can pull on to combat the storm, just remember, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of a snowball fight every now and then.