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Getting Back in the Saddle

I’m a biker.  I don’t get out on my bike as much as I’d like these days, but I still have a couple (and a trike).  Part of being a biker is that inevitably you will come off.  I have, a few times. About 15 years ago I had a big accident, going a bit too quick for the conditions.  A few broken bones, some gravel rash and a quick hospital trip later I was left to weigh up my options – quit or get back in the saddle and learn from my mistake.

The same is true for our health and nutrition.  At certain points you will fall off (we all do), either falling out of the habit of regular exercise or poor nutritional habits slipping back in a bit too often. In many cases one of the above follows the other.  At this point you can either hang up your helmet and leathers and give up, or you can take stock, do some rehab and get back in the saddle again.  Just remember to take your time and build back up again slowly, gain your confidence back and learn from your mistakes and maybe try not to push so hard - better to take a little longer to get there than to never make it at all.