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Have you DECIDED to stay fat?

When I was 24 years old, I weighed 28 stone.

I remember trying to lose weight when I got to 24 stone but I never really fully comitted myself.

So I reached 28 stone.

I 'wanted' to lose weight...but that was the problem...I didn't believe I 'needed' to!

So my want to lose weight turned out to less than my want to get a takeaway.

And so up I went to 28 stone!

See it was only when I finally realised I NEEDED to lose weight to enjoy my life did I actually start changing!

So at this point you may feel like asking

"So how did you lose weight?

"what diet did you use? "

Well the short answer was all of them!

And this leads me to my main point.

HOW you are going to lose weight really doesn't matter; If you have DECIDED you are going to do it...the HOW will come. The WAY will come!

!0 years ago I didn't have even 10% of the skills I have now for losing and maintaining weight...but that didn't stop me getting there!

Sure it took me longer than it would have taken me if I had to do it again now butthat really doesn't matter!

It is the DECISION to change and the belief you will change no matter what obstacle is put in your path that will get you the body you deserve.


What it is you want. Then go out an make it happen.

IF you want to get there faster, give me a shout...but I only work with people 'who have truly DECIDED to change NOW!

To your Health!