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How did you earn that treat?

I hear this all the time in the gym or when out with friends.  I’ve been good all week so I can have a treat tonight, I’ve been to the gym so I can treat myself.

Here’s a little tip: YOU CAN’T EARN YOUR FOOD CHOICES!

By all means, have that pudding or glass of wine, but stop kidding yourself that you deserve it simply by abstaining from something fora few days or getting off your backside and doing 20 minutes on the treadmill.  This promotes an unhealthy relationship with food and abad habit of living for the weekend.

Please just own your choices and be honest. We all know that the chocolate cake or large glass of pinot isn’t the best choice in the world, but sometimes it’s better to say “bugger it, I fancy a bit of cake and a glass of wine” rather than kidding yourself you have done something that means you deserve the indulgence.  Is it perfect?No, but you know what, sometimes I like a slice of cake and a glass of wine too (actually I prefer whisky), it’s not a crime to give into temptation every so often, just try to keep the scales balanced in the favour of the nutritious choices over the junk.