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How to Really Burn Fat!

This is for those of you who  exercise to lose fat or tone up

SO..... Fat burning!

Fat burning is all about fat mobilisation from fat cells.

This is done by lifting heavy ass weights 8-12 times with rest between (1 min) x3-5 times!

Compound movements are best..i.e barbell squats, deadlifts) or doing H.I.I.T training if you are feeling high energy

H.I.I.T stands for High Intensity Interval Training)

This can be any exercise you want following a 30 sec on 30 sec off principle over 10-20 rounds..

For example sprinting or fast rowing followed by walking or slow rowing.

After you have done either the weights or the H.I.I.T (or both, if you are feeling alive!) you will have mobilised the fat in your fat cells to be used!

Now here's the catch... If you just went home now, those fat cells will also go home too!

So what you must must MUST do at the end of your training session is L.I.S.S training!

L.I.S.S stands for Low Intensity Steady State.

It means get on a bike, or x trainer or treadmill and go at a steady pace for at least 10 mins..... try and keep your heart rate about 65% of your max, also known as the fat burning zone..

You should be at effort level 6.. If you cant hold a conversation while in L.I.S.S training,  slow down!

This will use up the mobilised fat and hey presto, your a fat burning machine!

Here is a quick example workout you could try at home.... 

We have attached a video for stretches before you start.

Warm up with 5 mins of light cardio

Round 1

(complete 4 cycles)

have 2-3 mins rest between cycles

Press ups - 10-12 reps

Squats -  15 reps

Lunges - 10-12 reps

Plank -  10-20 Secs

Round 2
(complete 4 cycles)

Jumping Jacks - 12 reps

Hip Raises  - 12 Reps

squats - 15 reps

High Knees - 12 reps (each leg)

L.I.S.S Training

Complete 10-20 mins of fast walking or steady pace on x trainer, bike etc.

Have a great day!

A& J