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How to Raise Your Protein

Lets talk about Protein... 



From our experience, most people struggle to get enough protein in, and struggle to not go over carb allowance...most of us think fat is bad so this usually needs to come up, too.

Today we are going to focus on the Protein... how to raise your protein in 3 Easy steps.

1. Make big meals.

Instead of making a meal per day, try making a portion that will last 3 days. The best type of meat that holds the best is Minced beef so a big homemade bolognese will get you in the right zone!

2. Buy Pre Cooked

If you don't have a lot of time to cook then buy whole cooked chicken from the supermarket. the ones that are on the spit roast! I buy 3 of these a week, on Monday , Wednesday and Friday. I get home and strip all the meat into a tupperware container. They make quick salads and good for on the go snacking. The meat is usually less dry this way too!

3. Buy Protein Powder.

Most of us think this is not very healthy or can damage your organs. This is just fear mongering and a Protein shake is better and healthier than no food at all! Just buy a small one at first and use when you are in a hurry and can't get a meal in....top tip....have a protein shake after the gym and your body will recover faster!

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Have a great day!