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I have never been so EMBARRASSED and so Determined all at the Same time.




I have never been so EMBARRASSED and so Determined all at the same time.

Lets paint a picture.

FEB 2007…

The First time I stepped into a gym was with my friend Adam (yes all the cool ppl are called Adam!)

We both had goals.

Weight loss.

But my target was just a teeny bit bigger than Adams.

He wanted to weigh 12 stone.

I NEEDED to lose 12 stone!

We looked at this weight chart on the wall.

Adam found his weight and then his goal weight five boxes below!

“Ah cool I just need to drop 5 boxes to my goal!”

“What about you, Adam?”, he asked.


See My TARGET weight was only just on the chart by 3 blocks and my actual weight was nowhere to be seen!

And so I said…

“Well Adam, my goal is to get on the fucking weight chart!”

But thats not the embarrassing story I want to tell you about.

Fast forward 11 months and I am very close to actually getting on that chart!

IT was the 15th of December 2008

I spotted a poster in the gym challenging members to row the length of the English Channel over xmas…33k Metres.

I spoke to my Coach

(also called Adam…I shit you not!)

He said he was gonna do it in one go!

I thought “yeah! I can do that too!”

So I started getting ready.

I did a practice run of 15k metres the week before my big Challenge

and noticed that after 10k my arse was so numb that if I needed an enema, today would be the best day to do it!

So on the big day I brought into the gym:

*5x oranges cut up into quarters.

*A fully stocked iPod

*A big fluffy towel for my bum to sit on!

There was no fanfare.

No drama.

Just me and the challenge.

I started rowing.

I got into a rhythm.

I was all out of gusto at the 20k metre mark.

At the 22k metre mark I looked like I was injected with speed…erratically rowing like a madman!

At 23k metre I looked like a zombie!

At about 30k metres I was in the zone, eyes closed and rowing consistently towards my final target.

I remember thinking ‘3k to go’

Nearly there!

Over 2 hours have gone past.

And then out of nowhere, with my eyes still closed….

I found myself and my rower being flipped upside down!

With a crash!

Oh no!


The towel! The damn towel has gotten stuck in the rollers of my seat.

Now if you have ever been on a rowing machine then you know you strap your feet in…

And if you stop rowing for long enough, the machine resets the distance rowed back to ‘0’!

So there I am, upside down with the rower stuck in the air and me still trying to row to keep from losing my distance!

And to my left was this lady on the cross trainer…

who in true British fashion stares right at me, then looks away as if she didn’t notice a thing was weird about the scene unfolding in front of her!

So now I am rowing with one hand and trying to upright myself with the other…
All the while shouting out to nobody in particular:



Then a couple of bodybuilders came to my rescue and lifted me back up the right way, one of them having to sit down afterwards cause he was laughing so hard!

(He later told me that a little pee came out and he had to go and change!)

I completed that row in 2 hours 37 mins and 13 seconds.

See I didn’t care bout the embarrassment after I had finished.

I felt incredibly proud of what I had achieved.

The 8 months of CONSISTENT training and eating well had paid off!

I left that building truly believing I could do anything.

And you also can you know.

Do anything I mean.

Whether you have 10 lbs to lose or 100 lbs.

I guarantee Your goal will be hit by focusing on CONSISTENCY in your actions…and maybe a funny story or two will be gained along the way too!

Ready to get some help?

Write ‘Row Row Row your butt off’ in the comments or in a pm!

To your health