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MIndset- Do you REALLY Believe You Can Reach Your Goals?


 I would like to talk about mindset....

About what you believe is possible with your goals.....

You want to lose 50 lbs?

you want a six pack?

To lift twice the weight you can lift at the moment?

Then you can!

It's just do you believe you can?  Do you really believe it.....deep down...even when it seems impossible and maybe people in your life are telling you 'you can't do that'

The people we surround ourselves with will determine our outlook on our goals and on ourselves...and most importantly....on our belief in what we can and can not achieve.

There was a story I heard from a great motivational speak called Les Brown.

'One wintery day, a couple of good friends headed over to a frozen lake nearby to skate on ice. The boys were somewhere between 5 and 10 years old.

During their skating session, one of the boys headed deeper into the lake and to his misfortune he found himself skating on thin ice. Before he could realize it, he has fallen through the ice into the icy waters below. His friend seeing this rushed near him but could not get him out because the ice layer has formed back and his friend was trapped underneath the transparent layer. He could see him struggling but could do nothing to help him. Then he happened to see a tree in the distance. He skated to it as fast as he could, broke a branch and started digging into the ice feverishly. His effort proved successful and he managed to make a hole large enough to pull his friend out back again.

By the time the paramedics had arrived and taken care of the victim, a small crowd had gathered. They were all praising the rescuer for his bravery and presence of mind. However, they were all surprised as well, and wonder how did a young boy break off such a big branch (apparently the branch was bigger and heavier than what a person of that age group could carry), haul it to the spot and lift it again and again to hammer a hole in the ice. It looked like a super-human effort. How? How did he manage to do it? It’s impossible! In the midst of all that, an old man spoke up and said, “I know how he did it.” Everybody looked at him in silence. The old man said, “ He could do it because there was nobody around him who said he CAN’T!”

Our philosophy is based around ‘CAN’ and ‘It’s POSSIBLE”.

So when you are going throughout your day, say to yourself

It's Possible. I can do it!

Often I here our clients at the beginning say 'i can't do it' when asked to perform a hard exercise. The interesting thing is....they say it as the are doing it! They literally contradict themselves!

One of my favourite moments as a personal trainer is when a new client starts believing they can and stops saying they can't!

have a Great Day

Adam & Joe