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Adam White Personal Fitness Trainer EdinburghNow I know how easy it is to not do something; I used to be the master of procrastination, the king of killing time, the Lord of laziness! But after a while the side effects are many and the physical side effects could have been life ending!

I want to spend a little time talking about  how we can keep ourselves going when we really don't want to/feeling overwhelmed/are too tired to get out of bed!

Now its important to realize that we are all human! We are going to fall down and make the wrong choice over and over again! The important thing is to realize that falling down is part of succeeding! We all start the morning with the best intentions regarding nutrition and exercise; who else has said to themselves the night before...

" Tomorrow i am going to go to the gym first thing in the morning and eat healthy all day!"

This is a great step in the right direction, but for some of us, we wake up at 6.00 am and punch the alarm clock to snooze, imagine the worst workout in the world and convince ourselves to skip it and go back to sleep!  Our imagination has convinced us at that moment its a bad idea to get out of bed and we have believed it.. hook, line and sinker!

Now its not just the lack motivation to get out of bed that can hold us back...

Have you ever gone to the gym and worked out really hard, left on a high, got home and had a shower and then thought to yourself, i have trained really hard today...ill get a takeaway as a reward!  The ability to keep a good day going well is very important, and motivation is a very important part of it!

So what is motivation?

Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviors. Motivation is what causes us to act, whether it is getting a glass of water to reduce thirst or reading a book to gain knowledge.

It involves the biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate behavior. In everyday usage, the term motivation is frequently used to describe why a person does something. For example, you might say that a Sprinter is so motivated to get into  the Olympics,  she spends every night studying and training.

Your motivation depends entirely on you!

Maybe you want to get in shape cause you want to look good in the summer months, Maybe your motivation is to live a longer and more productive life.....maybe you want to get in shape for a sporting event or a holiday...maybe you want to raise your confidence in your body to attract that special someone....

Whatever it is you must be sure you have it! Without the correct motivation you will fall short of your goals!

Now once you have found your motivation, how do you use it to keep yourself going?  here are my top 3 tips to keeping yourself going on those days where you just want to give up!

1. Visualize your goal! Now it may sound weird but if you have a clear goal in your head of where your efforts are taking you, then you are more likely to keep going! I imagine myself on the beach in the summer surfing. When I am struggling to get through the day, i tell myself i wont get there, i wont look like i do in my head unless i get up and get on with training right now!

2. Play it out like a movie! This one gets me out of my bed 9 times out of 10! All you have to do is lay in bed on those days you don't want to get up and spend 5 mins playing a movie of yourself in your head; getting out of bed and doing the exercise you had planned for the day. Imagine the feeling of success and the satisfaction of the workout after you have finished. Start your mind movie with  getting out of bed, putting on your gym gear, walking to the car, driving down the road, parking at the gym, getting into the changing rooms and then walking onto the gym floor and lifting those weights. Then try and stay in bed!!

3. Remind yourself of the past!  I like to think back to the time when i was overweight and depressed and i ask myself. 'do you want to go back down that sloping  road to unhealthy foods and depression or do you want to keep going down up this path towards happiness? if your answer is 'yes' then get up and get on with the day! Tell yourself  your workout is only 1 hour, but it gets you 1 more hour away from from your old self and your old way of living .

I hope you all have found your motivation, Share your own personal ways you keep yourself motivated in the comments below!

Remember, even when you fall flat on your face, you still moved forward at least 5 feet!

Healthy Regards,

Adam White