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When we decide it’s time to make a change with our health, whether that is improve our nutrition, increasing or exercise or a more specific aspect of each such as increasing protein intake or increasing strength, it’s important to have focus and prioritise.  Without prioritising you run the risk of trying to do too much at once and/or losing focus on what you want to achieve.  The 3 step process below(that I have blatantly nicked from my old role in the financial sector) will help you prioritise the things you need to work on.

1. Identify the individual behaviours/habits that are hindering or preventing you from reaching your goal

2. Identify actions you can take to address the behaviours above and number them

3. Plot the numbers for the actions identified in step 2 on the graphbelow on whether you think they will be easy or hard to implement andwhether they will have a big or small impact on helping you towards 

High Impact

 Low Impact

                Difficult                     Easy

Basically, anything in the green box will have a large impact and also be easy to implement therefore should be focused on first. Once these are embedded you can look at the things that have a large impact but will be harder to implement and those that will have a small impact but are easy to implement.  Generally speaking it’s best to avoid things that are hard to implement and will have little impact as the effort involved is not worth the result and can really impact momentum and motivation.