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Reasons to go to the gym...

I Write this as it is a scorching 30 degrees here in Berlin!

But i still got to my gym and did my usual workout with the same intensity...in fact, the gym was air conditioned so that was a massive benefit today!

And that I want to talk about today....the benefits of exercising and the gym.

exercising is the best way to help improve your life for so many reasons....here are my favourite ones!

1. Confidence.

When you first start at the gym, you may find it hard to get going and usually confidence is a big factor...but if you get the right program, the right PT or help, then your confidence will grow week by week! I would suggest you record a simple fitness test and then do it again after your first month...the results will be amazing!

2. Fitter and Stronger.

Once again, after a month of well thought out training, you will be so much fitter and stronger that you will really have no choice but to feel more confident! Fitness and strength is just time spent in the gym and under the bar so don't give up!

3. health improves.

Now  I don't necessarily mean weight loss but instead the feeling of being healthy...that feeling you have after eating well for a few weeks....your body is less sluggish, you sleep better, your skin looks better and you have more energy...it's ironic I know that exercising gives you more energy!

4. Stress

Now if you find yourself stressed out after a long day at work then you may be tempted to get a pizza and watch a movie to de-stress. Most of our clients report that they end up wanting to get a good workout in instead and actually feel tetchy if they don't exercise for a few days....in other words...the gym replaces the pizza!

The main thing you will notice is that all of the above benefits are based around FEELING better! Its not really about weight loss or weight gain but about feeling good about yourself....the weight loss or weight gain will come with it as a bonus!

Come and find out for yourself if you are ready.

Have a great day!