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Self Believe can destroy & Create!

Self belief can change your life. 

I want to talk to you about the NEGATIVE side of Self Belief. 

This is a sore subject for me so bear with. 

Take a look at the pic of meat about age 9 or 10 

Now I look a little geeky. 

The haircut is questionable. 

The shorts are definitely best left in the past. 

But the one I am NOT in this picture is FAT

BUT I was told at school by different peers that I was. 

I remember one kid who used to get bullied himself about his size would always say to his tormentors 
"I am not as fat as Adam!" 

I don't blame him. 

He, like me, was just trying to survive and way he could. 

See the problem is I took this FALSE belief into my heart and into my teens. 

I BELIEVED I was fat. And so...I BECAME FAT. 

The second pic is when I was 24 years old and 28 stone! 


I always assumed I was fat as a kid.

 I would tell people I have always been overweight as a kid. 
"I was a round beachball" I would tell people. 
And yes. 

At some point I did indeed become a round beachball looking kid. 

But not until YEARS after this pic of me was taken! 

And I then took this belief of me into my 20's and even my 30's! 

I don't have many pics of me as a kid, but the ones I do have, I am a normal size kid.  
I was NOT fat! 

Not when I was first labelled with that title. 

Only after years of BELIEVING I was, did I become the product of my beliefs. 

Take this away from my journey. 



Even if you are 100lbs heavier than you should be.

You can choose to BELIEVE are a fat person and stay where you are. 
You CAN choose to BELIEVE you are a slim person who has to get back who you truly  are....

...and like me, if you start SEARCHING for the proof of your true size, I am sure you will find it...

even if you have to go back to pics of you at 3 years old! 

BELIEVE in yourself 

IF you need some help then know that I BELIEVE in you until your belief catches up! 

PM me if you are ready to become who you truly are...