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Sometimes it's better to let it burn

My mum was a serial dieter.  She was constantly trying the new Cambridge diet, weight watchers, Slimfast etc etc, forever either losing the weight or rebounding after ending whichever diet they’ve been on. This endless cycle was not only deeply unhealthy and can lead to long term issues with metabolism, it was also soul destroying losing pound after pound through months of abstinence and starvation only to put it all back on again (and often more) once she went back to eating normally again.  

It’s like trying to put out a fire with a big bucket of water.  Youchuck the water on and the fire dies down, but when you turn yourback to fill the bucket back up again, the fire builds back up again,sometimes raging even stronger than before.  You spend the entiretime running back and forth, never really getting anywhere and theend result is that it all goes up in flames anyway and you’re leftwith nothing.

Thing is though, sometimes it’s better to just let it burn.  Oncethe fire has burned itself out you can then rebuild from scratch. 

So instead of trying to follow whatever diet is being endorsed by friends or B list celebrity in a magazine, start completely from scratch.  Identify your own pitfalls, barriers, poor habits, likes and goals.  From these you can build your own plan tackling the biggest issues that hinder you; you can find physical activities that suit you and you can do everything at your own pace.  The biggest advantage of this is sustainability, if you follow something that you tailor for yourself (or a coach helps tailor specifically for you),you are much more likely to be consistent.  Success isn’t about losing the most in the shortest amount of time, it’s about sustainably working towards your goals and maintaining them thereon after.