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Take The Plunge

So there I was – 9 years old.  Standing on a rock high above the river, wanting to jump like my friends before me but too scared to take that step.  I sat on that ledge for what seemed like an eternity(probably about 5 minutes).  The other boys around me trying to persuade me to jump, the guys looking after us doing the same, but there I sat – not wanting to turn back – but not taking that step.  Then it was time to go.  I had to either jump or walk back down the path, so I jumped.  It was awesome and I couldn’t believe I’d been so scared – what was there to be scared of?

I’m sure at least one person reading this is also sat on that ledge –wanting to take the plunge but scared to take the step – but also not wanting to walk back down the path they’ve just come along. The difference between me on that rock and you now?  You can turn back if your fears are realised.  Taking the leap towards improving your health is not a one way deal like the rock I jumped off.  You could get advice or a coach to use as a rope to swing from; you could join a group of like-minded people to use as a life jacket so you don’t sink; or if it all feels too much, you could climb back up a ladder and walk back down the path again or try a different way back down.  So take that step off the ledge – what’s the worst that could happen?