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The 4 Golden Rules of Weight Loss

It is very Simple.

But it is also very hard!

Simple because what I will suggest you do to lose weight relies on a system that has been working perfectly in your body since the day you were born...in fact you use it every single day without even thinking about it!

 Hard because if you are someone who eats a lot of food, cant stop snacking or binge eating, you will have to put some trust in yourself and your body! I promise you though it will work!

 Ok so what is this all about?

It is all about listening to your body. Listening for when you are hungry, what you are hungry for, and when you are full!

Now this still may feel like obvious advice; eat when you are hungry, stop when full! Not rocket science right? 

But its not enough to say "eat when you are hungry" because a lot of the time we eat wehen we are not! We eat when we are Bored, Tired, Sad, Stressed, Happy, Comfortable, Drunk! We rarely eat when we are actually HUNGRY!


It's not enough to say stop when we are full because we don't realise when we reach that point! This is for many reasons but the number 1 reason with a bullet is we dont pay attention!


So here are the 4 Golden Rules! If you follow these rules then you will find you are less hungry, full faster, binge less and less and enjoy your food!

Golden Rule Number 1


Eat when you are hungry.

Remember hunger is a gradual feeling in your stomach/sternum area that stays 15 mins after you first feel it.It builds up gradually. 

It does not come on instantly from association ( seeing someone eat  a burger at work or passing subway etc).

If you stick to the signs of real hunger before eating you will enjoy your food so much more and  you will only eat when your body tells you that you are hungry!

Ignore your clever clever brain!

If you THINK you are hungry, you are probably not, so wait for the signs of hunger and when you are sure it is not just because you are bored, eat! Waiting 30 mins to see if you are hungry is not long and if you are  genuinely hungry then you will defintely get to eat!

Golden Rule Number 2

Eat whatever you want!

Also known as eat what your body tells you to!

Now this will probably scare the crap out of you!

It goes against everything you probably have read in diet books, or what your Personal trainer may say. But it is absolutely crucial to your success.

Your will power is only so strong and at some point you will crack and eat that chocolate bar or order that pizza.

Your imagination is to blame!

You will imagine the best tasting chocalate bar what you have denied yourself for 2 weeks and it will build...and build..and then you crack and eat it. What follows is all the guilt and anger at  yourself  for failing, followed by a "whats the point?" attitude which leads you back to your old habits.

So, instead, lets use that imagination to succeed!

If you do not deny yourself any food or "treats" then you can not have a bad day of food. You can't reward yourself with chocolate because you can have it when you want.

Its the classic case of wanting what you can not have! Take the power away from rules about what you can and can't eat and just sit back and wait for the all that pressure around food fall off your shoulders!

So eat whatever you want. Just make sure you are truely hungry first!

Golden Rule Number 3


Eat Consciously and Slowly, Chewing Food 20 Times

This is probably the most important rule to follow to be successful.

We all watch tv, drive, walk, surf web, talk on phone, text etc when we eat and that takes our attention away from the food.

When you eat consciously you will connect you brain to your body and it will get the message you have eaten which will stop you feeling hungry an hour later.

Eating slowly will give your body time to register the food. This will send a signal to your brain telling it you have food.

When you pay attention to the taste and do nothing but eat the food, it tastes better, you can remember eating it and really enjoy it. If you dont pay attention, you will miss that point of satisfaction which usually leads to you trying again an hour later!

You wouldnt go to the cinema and then talk on the phone the whole movie! You just end up missing it and having to buy another ticket!

Eating food is the same thing!

Golden Rule Number 4 

when you THINK you are full, stop eating.

It doesn't matter how much food is on the plate. Just start listening to your body.

Our bodies have 3 ways of telling us we are full. The most obvious one is that bloaty feeling in the stomach. The final warning is that deep breath during the meal. this is a very easy rule to follow if you follow rule number 3

If you find you are genuinly hungry after 20 mins then eat some more. But follow the 4 rules each time.


The you have it! if you follow these rules I am sure you will enjoy food a lot more, lose that excess weight and stop binge eating and snacking at night.


If you would like to learn more just email us for more information!


Healthy regards,