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The One Best Thing

Fitness magazines love to espouse the next best thing: The ONE best move for abs; the BEST fat burning workout you will do; the FASTEST muscle building program; the ONE thing you should be eating to lose the flab.  That’s all well and good, and it gets them flying offthe shelves, but what happens if you don’t like that workout, what happens if you don’t like that avocado, banana and coal smoothie your supposed to drink 18 times a day at 17.3 degrees Celsius?  You won’t stick to it.  It doesn’t matter how good a workout or diet plan is, if you can’t stick to it then the end result will be nothing achieved.

So what’s the secret to progress?  Consistency, consistency isking.  It’s not about doing the one best thing occasionally, it’sabout doing what you can stick at consistently.  Diets often failbecause they are unsustainable, exercise plans often fail because theperson dislikes them to the point where they just don’t want to dothem.

Don’tstrive to eat perfectly, you will fail.  Aim for about 80% nutritiouschoices and allow yourself some indulgences.  Don’t strive to smashyourself to bits doing the latest thing you’ve read in a magazinebecause it states this is the best way to get a flat stomach.  Findsomething you can stick at, that pushes you just a little out yourcomfort zone.

Don’tbe occasionally excellent, be consistently pretty good!