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The Vicious Cycle

 Friday... Does that mean 'wine' o'clock... or the other statuses i see on Facebook?

Strange isn't it.

Thursday = Cannot wait for the weekend

Friday = Wine O'clock

Saturday = Ah my head... back on it tonight though

Sunday = Someone fetch me a McDonalds

Monday = I feel rough... so tired

Tuesday = Right get to the gym to feel better

Wednesday = 2 more days till the weekend - Wahoo!!

Thursday = Repeat....

There must be a pattern in there somewhere surely??????

Right today...

I want to let you in on a little secret that not too many people will tell you, especially personal trainers.

Weight Loss Is NOT, i repeat NOT easy.

Its not easy...

Hence why so many people fail...

Hence why the UK is getting more and more obese...

Hence why nutritional related disease and illnesses are on the increase...

If it was that easy we wouldn't have the problems above.

So why do we say we can get you results?

We understand how to get people to lose weight

We understand what their mindset must be

We understand how to get them to think about whats more important... Feelings/Emotions

So heres a little ( not so fictional) story!

See lets take 'Clare' from the office

Clare wants to lose 2 stone

Clare joins a gym

Clare loses 4lbs in her first week

Clare gets invited out by friends

Clare has a few drinks (but its Vodka)

Clare gets back to the gym Monday

Clare feels like a treat so has a sandwich or chocolate (Yes they both can do damage)

Clare jumps back on the scales and loses another 2lbs

Clare heads back out this weekend with friends feeling great

Clare wakes up hungover

Clare has a little treat to 'cure' her hangover

Clare gets back to the gym Monday

Clare misses Tuesday's session because of work

Wednesday she is too tired from working late

Thursday she has to take the kids to parents evening (example)

Friday she jumps back on the scales - No loss....

Right more determined than every Clare gets back on it...

Back to how she ate the first week

Works even harder in the gym

Come Friday she jumps back on - No Loss....

Confused angry and annoyed Clare tells her friend Jackie... Jackie then recommends this 'diet' that is 'just amazing' and you lose loads.... and so it repeats...

See Clare... as much as she is trying will always bounce from one diet to another

Clare will never understand or commit to what sh really wants because she hasn't looked in to it.

So please...

Next time you join a gym

Next time you join a slimming class

Next time you get a personal trainer....

If they all just talk about weight loss etc.... smilie politely... take your money.... and walk out because they do not 'Get It' and understand what it really takes.

Have a Great Day!