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Try Something New

I’ve been writing recently about the things we can learn from each other in terms of principles we should take from different disciplines.  Well, why not take things a little further and give something new a try?

I pride myself in ensuring my clients workout with good technique.  This means we either practice and tweak a movement until I am comfortable with the execution, or we replace the exercise with something else that provides a similar stimulus.  Most people have certain things they struggle with due to old injuries or lifestyle issues so each workout is tailored to the individual’s ability.  

Recently two of my clients enrolled in one of my friend Mark Flannigan’s Pilates classes.  The difference in one of them was so profound, that after a month, I actually took him aside and asked if he had started taking steroids (I kid you not, it was a rather delicate and slightly awkward conversation).  His physique hadn’t suddenly changed, but his mobility and lifting improved at a dramatically higher rate than the preceding months).  The only thing we could put it down to was the Pilates: he moved better so had more confidence in the exercises, so pushed harder, so lifted more which gave him even more confidence etc etc.  My other client also found that certain movements she struggled with were suddenly much more comfortable (there is something awesome about ladies over 50 doing textbook overhead squats).

The points of this little ramble are don’t be afraid to try something new, you might like it.  More than that, you may find it results in some serious improvements to your life outside of the activity.  Also don’t be blinkered by labels and preconceptions.  Pilates for example, seems to be seen as something for females, but the difference I found in my male client was outstanding.